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The DAH Brand

Quality, one of a kind, hand crafted works of art.

The Deena Abdul Customer

Quality, craftsmanship high end one of a kind and limited edition pieces are the of the Deena Abdul customer. Each handbag is hand crafted by artisans who delicately select each gemstone, silk and other elements such as hardware.

For Deena Abdul customers, handbags are delicately selected and a choice that fits both a trendy and conservative lifestyle.

What we love to do

Deena Abdul is a socially responsible company that gives opportunities to women in developing countries. The art of making handbags gives women artisans an opportunity to create and thrive.

Every woman loves her bag, It is the expression without expression. The mission of Deena Abdul is to collaborate art and fashion and create one of a kind pieces that will never go out of style. Each handbag construction takes up to 86 to finalize from start to end.

Retailers: Why Partner with Deena Abdul

Whether you are looking for a classic bag or a timeless conversation piece, the Deena Abdul collection of designs will suit your needs. Each hand bag is a handmade exquisite work of art using high quality silks, gemstones and custom hardware.

Deena Abdul is presenting a cultural experience through art and fashion. Each bag is a statement piece that invests in the lives of many. The standout collection pieces are forever lasting and will surely catch the eye of sophistication and class globally.

Become a Retailer

Deena Abdul, Inc. makes all decisions about distribution of its products strictly from the Deena Abdul, independent point of view. If you are interested in having your store becoming an authorized Deena Abdul retailer. Click here to complete the retailer application.