About Deena

Deena Abdul is a visionary Egyptian American fashion designer, professional actress, producer, host, philanthropist, and speaker. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she relocated to the United States at the age of 8, igniting a deep longing to reconnect with her homeland. On her first journey back at the age of 21, she made a heartfelt commitment to return frequently, regardless of her chosen profession. This love for her country, its fashion, art, and culture has propelled her on an extraordinary journey, crafting handbags with purposeful meaning and inspiring stories, collaborating with talented artisans along the way.
Her Competitive and Fearless Edge...

From a young age, Deena's love for sports flourished, molded by growing up with five brothers and an inherent drive to be mentally and physically competitive. Finding solace in basketball, she continued to pursue the sport until a serendipitous meeting on the court during her college years changed her life forever. Her husband's professional basketball career, playing for esteemed teams like the Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, and The Sacramento Kings, opened doors to experiences and opportunities that ignited her interest in the politics and discussions of the sports world. Encouraged by these transformative moments, Deena embarked on creating Senet Sports—a platform that brings basketball training systems back to Egypt through her Sports Tourism program, leveraging the power of entertainment.

Driven by her passion for storytelling and the transformative nature of entertainment, Deena founded Amunet Production Studios—a captivating platform encompassing travel, entertainment, film, sports, fashion, and the arts. Through this remarkable venture, she creates a window of opportunity and embarks on bucket-list adventures, sharing the splendors of her cherished homeland. Partnered with Bucketlist Egypt, Deena Abdul and her team are on a mission to showcase luxurious experiences and unveil the secrets of the ancient world, tantalizing travelers with unforgettable journeys.

Deena Abdul's unwavering dedication to her country, coupled with her passion for fashion, arts, sports, and storytelling, has established her as a trailblazer in her field. With her ventures, she seeks to inspire others to explore and embrace the wonders of Egypt, offering a gateway to a world of awe-inspiring experiences and opportunities.

In the Fashion Scene 
 She has placed together a team that creates handbags each curated by modern fashion and ancient Egyptian art. Her love for Egypt has led her on a journey creating handbags crafted with meaningful purpose and inspiring stories as well as working alongside many talented artisans that can share their passion in history, fashion, and art.
Deena Abdul is setting the bar high in the USA and Egypt. The Deena Abdul Brand celebrates campaigns that focus on Philanthropic grounds highlighting the importance of Women Mental Health and financial literacy with projects such as “The Power of a Purse, The Brown Girl Collection Series, and The Money Bag."
A Trip Home...
"It was a summer trip to Alexandria, Egypt after college Graduation when I realized that anything I work towards has to come back to Egypt. I wanted a career in the arts, but that wasn’t secure. However, I knew whatever I did I wanted to be able to come home many times during the year and give others the opportunities I had growing up.
I actually studied sports medicine in College and I wanted to become a physical therapist for Professional athletes. I ditched it all for the art.
 I figured the best way I can share my work was to share insight and resources of what to do and what not to do when it comes to having a brand, financial literacy, and providing resources where most needed. It is not just a brand, I want DAH to be a resourceful and a fun platform for others.
I am very proud to showcase the talent and creation
s of other designers internationally.  I design and feature designers, artists, and manufacturers in several regions of the world as well as empowering women through educational programs."

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