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The Deena Abdul collection introduces casual and contemporary handbag designs.

This collection is a classic mix of traditional handbags with the trends of today. Combinations of fine leathers, bold colors, embroidery and metallics  create high-end bags for our stylish customers. These bags are often paired with denim, statement pumps and accessories to make for a well put together sophisticated look.

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From the photoshoot to the catwalk

With every stone placed to perfection each collection eludes sophistication, art, and fashion. Deena Abdul stresses the presentation in the perfect setting. From the angle in the photo shoot and color display to the final walk on stage directly to the world.


The goal is to present closer to the client; bring forth culture and story to the world through fashion. Empower through images and history; the history of man with woman present. The Power of each bag, the strength it presents, and the femininity it needs all through art. Boldness and Perfection in hand.

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The Designers we work with

Deena Abdul works with select designers and artisans from aroundthe world in Pakistan, Africa, Dubai and Europe to deliver unique and exquisite bags and clutches. If you are interested in consideration, please contact us here

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